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At-risk youth participate in amateur boxing evening

More than 50 boys and girls from districts III and IV participated in an amateur boxing evening, organized by the Managua Mayor's Office in coordination with the Youth Affairs Directorate of the National Police and the Managua 2022 Youth Games, on Friday, October 14 in the gym of the Carlos Roberto Huembes market. The winners of this round go on to the grand final where they will face the winners of the other districts.

Noel González, Director of Sports of the commune, explained that this evening is part of the Youth Games, "those who win today go on to compete with the winners of the other teams, we organize this meeting in coordination with the National Police, to promote that young people who are at risk have access to sport”.

"Today more than 50 kids are participating in 42 fights, the practice of sport is part of a community psychosocial care plan, focused on strengthening the principles, values, recreation and leisure of young people, not only with boxing we also organize other futsal leagues, handball, in this way young people are being cared for to prevent them from falling into risky situations”, said Deputy Commissioner Marquelis Castañeda, Head of the Department of Prevention and Drugs of the Directorate of Youth Affairs.

“First I thank God for giving me the victory, the hard work in training was worth it and it is reflected in the victory. I thank the government for doing a good job in the sport," said fighter Anthony Sánchez.

The coach Julio Yambito Gamboa appreciated that these boxing evenings are decisive for the boys to acquire more experience.

"They are kids who are just starting out and with the support of the Managua Mayor's Office they can show their performance, thanks to the support that the Good Government provides to sports in its various disciplines, throughout the country," Gamboa recalled.

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