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Merchants of Managua celebrate the continuity of programs and projects

Merchants from the markets Israel Lewites, Roger Deshon, Candelaria and Jonathan González (Periférico) ratified their support for the candidates of the FSLN Alliance, United Nicaragua Triunfa in Managua, for the next municipal elections, during the meetings held for the presentation of the Plan for the Electoral Triumph 2023-2027, "Unity for Prosperity".

During these meetings, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado shared the scope of the plan and reminded market workers that on November 6, by voting in box 2, the people will be ensuring the continuity of programs and projects such as Bismarck Martínez, who will build 20,000 new homes and lots in the next 5 years, the construction of 5,000 new blocks through streets for the people, free access to more than 30,000 study scholarships, and the execution of 76 projects in the 8 capital markets.

“When we talk about installing pipes in pluvial drainage, we talk about improving living conditions, about working, strengthening the reduction of critical points, we are satisfied that with great care we are going to make known the plans of the FSLN alliance,” Wheel highlighted.

The merchant Pablo Emilio Talavera, from the Israel Lewites market, said that the important thing about supporting this formula is the development of the projects that the people need, "we will always be willing to support it at all times, we have made great progress, substantial changes in our markets, we are proud of this great program”.

María Julia Sánchez has been selling fruits and vegetables at Roger Deshon for 20 years. She, along with the other merchants in her market, confirmed their support for the candidates of the United Alliance Nicaragua Triunfa.

"We agree with the projects in our markets, we see that each of the projects that the mayor's office will carry out in the coming years will directly benefit the families and us as merchants who have been working hand in hand with our authorities and that allows us to work better”, added Sánchez.

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