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Managua traditionalists satisfied with support for popular festivities

On the morning of this Thursday, October 13, at the Ranchón de Tiscapa, the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, held a meeting with the traditionalists of the popular festivities of the municipality of Managua, to whom he presented the Plan 2023/2027 "Unity for Prosperity" , to be executed in the next five years from the Municipality.

"We are holding a work session with the traditionalist committees of the Santo Domingo festivities, with the people who promote the typical, folkloric, cultural and traditional activities of our Managua, they are a fundamental part of the culture of the capital," he said. Weapons.

Likewise, he shared that in this five-year period they will have a special space for traditionalists, such as dance, music, and art schools, the enormous support for neighborhood dance groups, "of course we are going to talk about the 5,700 streets that the Mayor's Office of Managua is going to build in these 5 years, all the new parks that are being built and the specialized medical care that the municipality's clinics will give free of charge to the elderly companions”.

After the presentation, the traditionalists ratified their support for the candidates of the Nicaragua Triumph Alliance, headed by the Sandinista National Liberation Front, because it has been the only government that has shown its interest in and support for art, culture, and conservation. of Nicaraguan traditions.

"The Mayor's Office of Managua always had the commitment to support traditionalists, devotees, promisers to promote culture, we feel very grateful for the support as a committee and as the people of Managua, we will continue to support our Mayor's Office of Managua" , said the traditionalist Franklin Chávez.

For his part, Eduardo Barahona, son of the traditionalist José María Barahona, known as Chema Pelón, stressed that all the projects carried out by the commune have been a success and already have the support of the people of Managua.

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