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Young leaders of districts III and VII sure of new opportunities

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, and the Deputy Mayor, Enrique Armas Rosales, held a meeting with young leaders from districts III and VII, to publicize the projects and programs that the Municipality will carry out in the next period.

“We received an invitation from the young leaders of District VII to hold a meeting and make them aware of the work commitments, programs and projects that the municipality will carry out in the next 5 years, colleagues who want to know how many courts are going to be built, how many fields sports are going to open, how many scholarships the Mayor's Office will have in the new period, they are boys who want to know how many streets we are going to cover, how many overpasses and the alternatives that they are going to have, from the point of view of work, recreation Arms shared.

Once the candidates of the Alianza Unida Nicaragua Triunfa presented the projects to be carried out, the leaders of the area ratified their support for the work and peace commitments that will continue to be carried out by the Good Government, for the common good of the people of the capital.

"These are opportunities that no other government has provided for young people, thanks to our government there will be new streets, houses, recreational centers, sports activities, it is something important," said the young José Mojica.

Walter Morales, a resident of the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood, said that today youth have many opportunities to get ahead, "we have seen the proposals of the programs that the Mayor's Office will do in the next period and the truth is that we have witnessed all the works of the common good that they have done in this time, I am in my second year of law school and at the end of my high school I found out about the scholarship programs of the mayor's office, I went and applied, there are lots of scholarships, now whoever wants to study has one great offer to study and that only does the Good Government, that is why we support your proposal in the next elections”.

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