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Workers and students of the National Agrarian University support candidates of the FSLN Alliance, United Nicaragua Triumphs in Managua

The students and workers of the Agrarian University reiterated their commitment and support for the winning formula of the Alianza Unida Nicaragua Triunfa, made up of Mayor Reyna Rueda and Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during a meeting on the afternoon of this Tuesday, October 11, where The plan for the 2023-2027 electoral victory "Unity for Prosperity" was announced, which will guarantee the leading role of families in the capital during the next five years.

Rueda stressed that among the projects that will continue for the benefit of the population are the Bismarck Martínez housing programs, storm drainage projects, road projects and others that are for the common good, at the same time he stressed the coordinated work that the Municipality has carried out with the university community and the role that students have played in support of the projects promoted by the Good Government led by Commander Daniel and the Vice President, compañera Rosario Murillo.

"Really, the people of Nicaragua are going to have a vote of continuity of transforming projects for families, those who are waiting for their home, their lot, their streets," added Rueda.

The Vice Chancellor of the UNA, Ivette Sánchez, stated that the commitment is with each of the communities, to continue training professionals, to continue doing research, developing agriculture in Nicaragua, “that is why Reyna welcomes you, we trust that this plan coincides with our university mission and vision”.

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