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Inhabitants of Villa Bulgaria safe with the rehabilitation of public lighting

The families of the Villa Bulgaria neighborhood in the VII district of Managua, celebrated together as a community the rehabilitation of the public lighting system, carried out by the Good Government in coordination with the Managua Mayor's Office, through the National Plan for Restoration, Surveillance, Protection and Care of the public lighting system, which benefited more than 2 thousand inhabitants of the area.

Villa Bulgaria has a public lighting system made up of 63 lights, of which 26 were in poor condition and were replaced by 26 new light bulbs, benefiting 481 families, as reported by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

At the same time, he confirmed that in the capital the public lighting restoration and rehabilitation plan has a little more than 22 percent progress with 25,000 inspections carried out, 5,000 luminaires restored, benefiting 170,000 protagonists in Managua and all its municipalities. .

"Thank God it is a blessing for the families of all the neighborhoods and municipalities, because this effort of our Good Government is at the national level, we have made the effort to bring that security to the families, here we have also delivered 19 blocks with an investment of more than 4 million córdobas, which means that families transit safely in this neighborhood,” added Rueda.

With this plan that began in January, the Sandinista government through the institutions ENATREL, DISNORTE, DISSUR, has inspected 46,000 lights, repaired 9,500 lights, 300,000 families and 1,300,000 protagonists have benefited in the whole country.

Indiana Leon, Director of Policies and Planning of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, explained that this program was guided by President Daniel Ortega, to provide a response to the most sensitive demand presented by the residents in the community assemblies.

The resident Bertha Gurdián, stated that since 2018 they did not have lights because they were damaged, now there is more security, and children can play at night, "we are happy with the lights, with the government of Commander Daniel and Mrs. Rosario Murillo Because we go out at night and there is no danger of crime, we have been locked up at night for 4 years, for fear of being in danger.”

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