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Work Plan for the next period contemplates better conditions for the sport

During the meeting with the Sports Federations and Organizations of districts II, III and V, the candidates of the FSLN Alliance, "Unida Nicaragua Triunfa", reaffirmed their commitment to continue contributing a grain of sand to all sports disciplines with quality conditions , for the preparation of the athletes and for their future commitments as the children of Little League in Williamsport did.

"One of the axes for the healthy development of society is the promotion of sport and for the Sandinista Government it has been a priority since 2007. Following this orientation, the Mayor's Office of Managua currently has 13 academies of different sports disciplines. and 37 sports schools, in the 7 districts of Managua, in which more than 2,400 children, youth and adolescents from Managua are involved”, reported the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

"For us, the opportunity that is given to us in sport is important, as an athlete we feel satisfied with this plan, we can see high-level infrastructures," said basketball player Lorena López.


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