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Women and men leaders of the districts satisfied with proposals and work commitments

For more development and well-being in the capital in the coming years, women and men leaders from Districts I, II, IV, V and VI gave their full support to the candidates of the FSLN Alliance "Unida Nicaragua Triunfa", who presented the Axes of Work and Lines of Action to be carried out during the period 2023-2027, in a meeting held on the afternoon of Friday, September 30.

The candidates of the FSLN Alliance, "Unida Nicaragua Triunfa" from the municipality of Managua, shared that this proposal is to continue changing Managua and has been accepted by the different social sectors that have been called.

"Sharing with hundreds of colleagues interested in knowing the plans of the municipal government, the 2023-2027 five-year period, we are going to explain how many streets we are going to make, how many channels we are going to cover, how many houses we are going to build, we are going to talk about the overpasses of Metrocentro, Rotonda Santo Domingo, of the 20,000 plots of land and houses that are going to be built, of the cultural projects, of the new parks, of all those impressive projects that only Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario have been able to make all of these a reality. years," said Deputy Mayor Enrique Armas.

The women and men leaders of these districts, were satisfied and proud of the work proposal and affirmed that this November 6 they will cast their vote for the FSLN-Unida Nicaragua Triunfa alliance, "we feel satisfied as a resident and political secretary, for all This commitment that our President has given and our Vice Mayor has told us, all the proposals that he has put to us, have been very good, excellent and we are the first to go to vote, very early for our mayors”, said Blanca Guadamuz.

For his part, the political leader of Monsignor Lezcano, José Ramón Roa, reiterated the call to vote in box 2, "It is the best presentation, it is one of the best projects of our Commander to continue making homeland, that victory is sweeping in all the mayors, to continue working hard in our territory, house to house, to be able to achieve all these objectives”.

"This plan contemplates actions and lines of work, to continue on this path of restitution of rights and continue guaranteeing better living conditions for all families in the municipality," said the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras.

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