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Carriers maintain their support for the Sandinista Government

Continuing with the meetings and presentations of the Plan Managua 2023/2027, the candidates of the Alianza FSLN “Unida Nicaragua Triunfa” met with leaders of the Urban Collective Transportation sector of Managua, to whom they presented the proposals for programs and projects to be executed in the next five years from the Municipality.

At the meeting, the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado presented the proposals for the transport sector that includes renewal of the TUC fleet, to continue improving the mobility, safety and comfort of users. In addition, the training and programs that help improve the service.

“These are the plans offered by our FSLN Alliance, United Nicaragua Triunfa, we have coordinated work, where we have been improving the transportation issue, joining efforts and working through Irtramma, which is the regulatory body, we have made great progress every Saturday in different training, as of 2009 we have seen the changes, renewal, strengthening and expansion of the bus fleet, within the plans we have is to expand the road network, it is a harmonious articulation for the well-being of the population”, said Rueda.

For their part, the transporters expressed their support for the candidates of the Alianza Nicaragua Triunfa, because the Sandinista Government has been the only government that has shown its interest in the well-being of the population, which from the transport sector can be verified with modernization of units and service; This was stated by the carrier Martha Cisneros López of the cooperative 30 de Mayo and Danilo Sánchez, president of URECOTRACO, who recalled that with the neoliberal governments there was never any interest in improving the service, that they had 42 strikes to pressure the transport subsidy for the population and there was never interest to benefit the people.

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