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530th anniversary of the Indigenous, Black and Popular Resistance

On the morning of this Thursday, October 6, the Department of Historical Heritage of the Municipality held a discussion on the 530th Anniversary of the Indigenous, Black and Popular Resistance and delivered Chorotega ceramic paintings and pictures of the Chorotega warrior statues of Zapatera at the Alesio Blandón Juárez Normal School in Managua.

This conversation was given by our colleague Clemente Guido, Director of Historical Heritage, "today we are delivering a donation of replicas of Chorotegas ceramic paintings, plus a conference with future primary school teachers from Managua, it is about indigenous resistance which began practically the same day that Christopher Columbus installed his Spanish flag on the land of America, in such a way that the boys today take the necessary didactic material for their studies and at the same time reproduce it in the classrooms”, shared Guido.

Likewise, the historian revealed that in 1524, when Francisco Hernández de Córdoba entered to want to dominate Managua, there were 10,000 Indian archers, in 1528 the same chronicler Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo reported the existence of only a thousand Indian archers, where the other 9,000 were. in 4 years, "obviously they were dead, fighting or were enslaved, it happened in Managua, that is history, we must know it and appropriate it, feel proud of our Chorotega ancestors."

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