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Evangelical leaders support Prosperity Programs

As part of the meetings with different social sectors, the winning formula of Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors, of the FSLN Alliance "Unida Nicaragua Triunfa", presented the Managua 2023-2027 Plan to the Faith Leaders of the IV and VI districts.

This plan contemplates actions and lines of work, to continue on this path of restitution of rights and continue guaranteeing better living conditions for families in the capital, said Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

Armas, presented the goals and scope of the programs and projects designed to guarantee the continuity of the common good and the restitution of rights to more decent housing, more new streets, care programs for the elderly, free scholarships and access to sports for youth capital.

The Pastors who direct the evangelical churches of these points of the capital, reiterated the support of their community, to guarantee on November 6 the electoral victory that allows the realization of all the programs and projects that benefit families in vulnerable situations .

"We are very satisfied that they take us into account, to present the Plan Managua 2023-2027, that the Evangelical Church has a place in this plan and that the best projects for our capital come," said brother Jesús Rodríguez.

For his part, Román Castillo of the United Christian Ministry, thanked God for the Municipal Authorities and the projects they have carried out for the benefit of the community.

"God sets and removes kings, he has blessed us with a President with a good heart who cares about the people, when the mayor's office builds streets in the neighborhoods we always have churches that are benefited, there are also brothers who have received houses or sheets of zinc when they are in an emergency condition and only a man does that, when he has God's guidance," said Castillo.

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