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Student Movements and University Teachers ratify their support for the electoral victory of the Sandinista Front

From the National Polytechnic University (UNP) and the National Engineering University (UNI), the candidates for Mayor and Vice Mayor of Managua for the FSLN Alliance "United Nicaragua Triunfa", presented the Plan Managua 2023-2027, to the student and teacher movements university students of the two Alma Maters.

In this meeting, the candidate for Mayor for the next municipal elections, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, ratified once again the commitment of the Sandinista Government to continue transforming the living conditions of Nicaraguan families, from all the mayor's offices in the country.

Rueda highlighted the importance of coordinated work with the National University of Engineering in projects as sensitive as the mobility and transport study of the city's Master Plan for Urban Development.

"We have been working with them, one of the efforts is the recovery of the Master Plan, the recovery of the historic center of Managua, such as the design of the construction of the cathedral of old Managua, in the study of the Traces of Acahualinca, therefore, we are pleased to share all this continuity of projects”, added Rueda.

Jairo Martínez Páramo, Vice Chancellor of Research and Development of the National University of Engineering, stated that they are pleased with the visit of the municipal authorities, "the university is very committed to the development of Managua and we have confirmed that we will continue to support the plans of work and development of our municipal government, mainly in the capital, which is a strategic place for the development and social transformation of the country”.

The municipal authorities stated that they are prepared to enter the activities stronger from 2023, "We are going to follow God willing with the vote of the people of the capital, working intensely to improve our Managua much more", confirmed Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales , during the meeting with the students and teachers of the National Polytechnic University (UNP).

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