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Commemoration of the Historical Gesta of General Benjamín Zeledón

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, through the Directorate of Historical Heritage, held a cultural event and a discussion with students from the Benjamín Zeledón Institute, to honor the memory and legacy of the National Hero General Benjamín Zeledón Rodríguez, on the 110th anniversary of his heroic deed and 143 of his birth.

In this conversation, comrade Clemente Guido, director of Historical Heritage, highlighted the heroism of General Benjamín Zeledón in defense of national sovereignty and his interest in guaranteeing restitution of rights for the people of Nicaragua expressed in his manifesto, which is assimilated to the projects and programs promoted by the Sandinista Government.

Comrade Guido described this similarity as a historical line, the one that exists between General Benjamín Zeledón's project and the project of the Sandinista Government.

For their part, the students expressed their admiration and respect for General Benjamín Zeledón, who highlighted his heroism and courage in defending national sovereignty; this was expressed by the students Engel Carrión and Alejandra García.

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