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Managua authorities hold meeting with MSMEs

With the clear commitment to promote and encourage economic development and in support of micro, medium and small enterprises (Mipyme), the candidates of the FSLN Alliance, “United Nicaragua Triunfa” of the municipality of Managua, met with representatives of this sector, to present the Electoral Triumph Plan 2023-2027, “Unity for Prosperity.

“Our job is to always continue providing the necessary tools and generating contact networks between suppliers and entrepreneurs, facilitating the development of new ideas and promoting innovation, through the plans promoted by our Good Government,” said Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

Likewise, he added that, through the Work and Peace Proposals and Commitments, the economy will be strengthened, "we will build, expand and improve the infrastructure of the popular commercial centers for families, with the implementation of the improvement and expansion plan in the municipal markets of the capital”.

Comrade Leonel Rivera, departmental delegate of the Ministry of Cooperative and Associative Community Family Economy (MEFCCA), shared that support and accompaniment has been provided to small and new businesses, "the GRUN has been promoting since 2018 the Economy Model Creative and Enterprising, through the Nicaragua Emprende platform, aimed at young entrepreneurs, with enthusiasm to grow their businesses, take advantage of ideas, generate more employment and have a better economic condition”.

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