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Capital authorities present projects and programs for the next five years to merchants from the 8 markets

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado and Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, candidates for the winning formula of Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors of the Alianza FSLN “Unida Nicaragua Triunfa” of the municipality of Managua, met with leading merchants from the Wholesale and Oriental markets to give them to know the lines of action and lines of work of the 2023-2027 plan "Unity for Prosperity".

During the meeting, Rueda explained to the workers of the Mayoreo market that the programs and projects will have 5 lines of work and that the line of action of these works will give priority to works for families, human development, risk management, family economy and municipal services.

Over the next five years, the Good Government will execute 76 projects in the 8 markets of the capital, of which 7 will be carried out in the El Mayoreo market.

“Thanks to the political will of our Government, wisely directed by Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo, we have been transforming the physical conditions of the markets. Here at El Mayoreo in the last 4 years we have made large investments, improving access points. , a new warehouse was built and 11 blocks of new streets were built, and in the coming years we will continue to attend to the main demands of the brothers who work in these popular shopping centers”, reported Rueda.

Jorge Luis González, President of the Association of Merchants reiterated the commitment of the merchants to guarantee the electoral victory of the United Alliance Nicaragua Triunfa.

“We are proud to be here today seeing all the projects that our government is going to carry out for the benefit of all Managuas, since the Front came to power the condition of the markets has been transformed now we have new streets, new warehouses and in In recent years, the market fairs have been a complete success,” added González.

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