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Youth Movements of District I hold a meeting with candidates of the United FSLN Alliance Nicaragua Triunfa

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, candidate of the winning formula, the Alianza FSLN Unida Nicaragua Triunfa, presented this Wednesday, September 28, to the young leaders and youth movements the plan for the 2023-2027 electoral victory.

Armas reminded the new generations that this proposal for projects that guarantee the vindication and restitution of rights to families in the capital precedes all the projects and programs that the Sandinista Front government has carried out in favor of Nicaraguan youth.

“Since the Sandinista Front came to power in 2006, children and youth have been one of the priorities in the national plan to fight poverty. Along the same lines, the Mayor's Office has opened 37 sports academies in the last 5 years. in 13 disciplines where young people and children practice sports for free”, Armas highlighted.

He also added that for the next five years, young people with fewer economic resources will be guaranteed access to a scholarship program that will provide more than 30,000 scholarships, "when these kids are 22 years old, there will be 100,000 people living in the urbanizations of the Bismarck Martínez in the 20,000 houses and lots that will be built, these kids will see a city with 5,000 new blocks.”

The Municipality will execute 105 sports programs, 40 cultural programs that will promote the construction of 7 new museums and the opening of 31 culture schools.

Belkis Castro from the Liberia neighborhood, expressed her support for the Sandinista Front in the next electoral elections

 “The Sandinista youth, the committed youth of Nicaragua, have benefited a lot from the projects carried out by the Mayor's Office of Managua. Young people enjoy places of recreation, courts, parks or technological schools and it is because of these works that we support this alliance by voting in box 2 this November,” Castro said.

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