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Market traders prepare for the last quarter of the year

Traders in the capital's markets are preparing to receive consumers and tourists in this last quarter of the year, a season in which the national economy is boosted by the arrival of the Christmas holidays. This was reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during a tour of the Roberto Huembes market.

Armas, explained that in addition to supplying the sections with the traditional products of La Purisima and the year-end festivities, the merchants are coordinating with the National Police a security plan in the 8 markets, at the same time the COMMEMA authorities are carrying out improvement projects in the infrastructure of the markets that most deserve it.

“We are entering the final stretch of the year in which we have the greatest commercial movement and it has been a good year for the markets, a year of important investments, here a day of ornamentation is beginning, improvements to the roof of the market so that it is better than ever,” said Armas.

Rosa María Lazo, Administrative Director of Commema, shared that they are investing a little more than 4 million cordobas.

“Here you can see how we are working and maintaining safety, selling quality products at low costs for the entire population. In the Roberto Huembes market we currently have two projects underway for a total of four that we hope to complete in the remaining months”.

The prior supply of products, designing a security plan, promoting discount fairs with solidarity prices and improving the market environment are part of a strategy promoted by the municipal government in coordination with the Good Government, to guarantee that merchants move their inventory and families can acquire what they need at affordable prices, as explained by Mr. Jorge Luis González, president of the Merchants Association.

“We are going to continue seeking to give better attention to the population that visits the markets. There has been great dynamism in the last four years, so we call on people from the surrounding neighborhoods to visit the market, everything we are doing is a strategy to support the merchants and favor the families that come to buy from us. Gonzalez added.

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