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New stables are built in the Camilo Chamorro neighborhood

This Thursday, September 22, authorities of the Municipality carried out a tour to supervise and follow up on the Calles para el Pueblo 2022 Program, which to date has an advance of the 92% according to the 976 blocks projected for this year in the Capital.

The road improvement work has an investment of 1 million 200 thousand córdobas, guaranteeing well-being and a future for families in this sector. In addition to improving access and contributing to public health, by reducing puddles and dust that caused diseases.

The supervision visit was attended by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who reported that the lining of two and a half blocks is being executed, which are part of the continuity of a project that began last year with five blocks in zone four of the Camilo Chamorro neighborhood. , "we are talking about more than 11,000 brothers and sisters who are protagonists, who are claiming the right to travel through streets in good condition."

Similarly, he shared that it is the second stage of this road improvement, which guarantees a 95% of the paved streets of the IV stage of this neighborhood.

Also, this community has benefited from the construction of 35 decent homes and the execution of road improvement and storm drainage projects, with an investment of 24 million 104 thousand 204 córdobas.

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