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Inhabitants of the Carlos Marx neighborhood inaugurate 4 lined blocks

Residents of the Carlos Marx neighborhood squandered art, culture and patriotic love in the inauguration of 4 new blocks of streets, which were paved by the Calles para el Pueblo Program, the road improvement project has an investment of 2.8 million córdobas and benefits from directly to more than 4000 protagonists, with this project the neighborhood achieves a coverage of 95 percent of its paved streets, as reported by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

Upon handing over the work for the common good to the community, Mayor Rueda explained that this emblematic program has so far served 863 blocks throughout the Capital, which represents an advance of 92 percent.

“We are motivated because we see the changes that these types of projects generate in the neighborhoods, Commander Daniel and our Vice President Compañera Rosario have said, in Nicaragua the people are Mayor and the people are President, therefore they are the protagonists of All these works and transformations in this route of restitution of rights, our Government puts families at the center of everything”.

Rueda shared with the inhabitants of Carlos Marx that the Good Municipal Government has invested in this neighborhood from 2010 to 2022, 11.5 million córdobas in different projects that have transformed and dignified the lives of 753 families.

“Every day we deliver transformation projects, programs and works like these, which is what the family expects; really, the Streets for the People Program is the program that the family requests the most, it is a community demand,” added the mayor of the capital.

The protagonist Norma Mayorga said that now with these new streets the population has better conditions to move around, especially the children who are the ones who play in the streets.

“We have been waiting 35 years for this dream, that the streets will improve us, there were many stones and at night we almost fell, because the luminaire is not complete; but now with this restitution of rights we are happy, because we will walk more safely through our neighborhood”, said Mayorga.

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