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Municipality delivers another 300 lots in the Villa Esperanza urbanization

In salute to the National Holidays and to honor the deed of all the heroes who fought for the sovereignty of Nicaragua and the Independence of the Central American peoples, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua delivered last Tuesday, September 13, 300 lots in the urbanization Villa Esperanza through the Bismarck Martínez Program. With this new delivery, the program achieves an advance of 1,200 protagonist families benefited from a lot so far this year.

It was a day of great joy and emotions for the protagonist families, upon receiving their new lots, said Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who once again ratified the commitment of the Sandinista Government to combat the country's housing deficit.

“We continue to strengthen peace and make the country, delivering 300 lots in the Villa Esperanza urbanization, one of the urbanizations that we are working on to bring well-being to the family, which is the concern and priority of our Good Government, to attend to all that demand in housing problems that Nicaraguans have,” said Rueda.

The official from the capital reported that with this delivery 1,200 batches of the two thousand that are scheduled for this year will be completed and next year the delivery of 2,500 batches will continue, which adds up to 4,500 batches, only in Villa Hope.

Villa Esperanza is a subdivision that in a short time will have the necessary public infrastructure, such as schools, health centers, police station, parks, CDI, offices of the Mayor of Managua, market and its own bus terminal.

The protagonists of this new installment received the best gift of their lives to see their dreams come true, because their new land will allow them to start a new stage.

“We thank God that we have a Good Government, because since 2007, when it came to power, it has been restoring rights to all the most humble and most needy families, and that is what a good government does, undertake with the people who really need, which are the poorest. There are four of us in my family and we are very happy, because we are receiving our land, now we are going to build little by little for the benefit of my family,” said Mr. Wilfredo Ferrey Umaña, who works on his own account selling on the streets of the Capital. .

Also, the protagonist Ericka Abigail Ramírez, who works in the Villa Cuba neighborhood selling tortillas, had been paying for her land for 4 years, but she never lost hope that this day would come.

“It is excellent that they are giving me this lot and thank God this became possible, we waited four years, but the wait was worth it because we are grateful for this restitution of this right, we did not have access to housing and the private company did not It gave us the opportunity to access one, but with the Managua Mayor's Office we were able to make this dream come true,” said Ramírez.

Thanks to the articulated work of the Municipality with the Good Government, the Bismarck Martínez program has delivered 3,100 homes to the same number of protagonist families, who already have their own home in Villa Jerusalem and Villa Flor de Pino, urbanizations with all the services basic guaranteed, plus 1,200 lots in Villa Esperanza.

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