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Villa Reconciliación Sur will have more improved streets

The families that live in Villa Reconciliación Sur next week will celebrate the national holidays by traveling through 6 new blocks of paved streets, thanks to the Calles para el Pueblo Program, which began this week with the lining of the streets, which for more than 35 years were in its natural state.

The road improvement project has an investment of 3,500,000 córdobas and will benefit 1,000 600 protagonists. This work for the common good will come to improve the lives of the inhabitants because it will eliminate a critical point due to flooding in times of rain.

During the tour of the community, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado shared with the protagonists the progress of the streets program and the Annual Investment Plan in District VI, she also reported that in this neighborhood they have made an investment of more than 48 million córdobas in road improvement, storm drainage, sanitary drainage and solidarity housing.

“We are supervising and today the 6 new blocks of Villa Reconciliación are ready, here we are making an investment of 3 and a half million, we are going at a good pace, we always exceed the goal that we established at the beginning of the year, so far the program has an advance of 90.41 percent, managing to attend to today a little more than 848 blocks of the 976 planned”.

Doña Rita Vásquez, a resident of the neighborhood, said that before the street seemed like a riverbed when it rained and because of its slope, the houses located at the end were flooded.

“Thanks to God, to our Commander and to our Comrade Rosario Murillo who have made this work possible, here was a river that ran, one was locked in their houses, you couldn't get out and the houses in the background were all filled with water, it seems It's a lie that from today it will be just a sad memory, now what we have to do is take care of our streets so that they last for many years,” said Vásquez.

Streets for the People in District VI will benefit families living in the following neighborhoods: Villa Israel, Reparto Segovia, Rubén Darío, Concepción de María, Villa Dignidad, Villa Reconciliación, Hugo Chávez, Tangara, German Pomares, José Benito Escobar and the Colonia 15 de Mayo, with the coating of 41.40 blocks of asphalt, for an investment of 15 million 647 thousand 400 cordobas.

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