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With joy the inhabitants of Las Jagüitas will inaugurate Streets for the People

The inhabitants of the Las Jagüitas region celebrated with an outpouring of joy and culture the inauguration of 7 new blocks paved by the Calles para el Pueblo Program, a road improvement project that benefited 515 families, with an investment of 3 million 248 thousand 766 córdobas .

This work for the common good came to strengthen the economy of the community, because all the family businesses come to be reactivated with the easy access of suppliers to small businesses, thanks to the new road network.

During the inauguration of the streets, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado informed the protagonists that this emblematic street program is 90.41 percent complete with 848 blocks served, out of the 976 planned for this year.

“Today we are delivering 7 new blocks to the community, in recent years we have invested 21 million córdobas in this region in road and storm drainage projects, today we are delivering those dreams come true, thanks to the political will of our Good Government that led by Commander Daniel and our Vice President Rosario Murillo, we continue to move forward and transform our neighborhoods together,” said Rueda.

This project directly benefited 3,606 inhabitants. Don Víctor Rosales was born in this community and today he celebrates with great happiness the new work that has come to improve the lives of its inhabitants.

“We are happy, for the first time we are going to live a national holiday with good streets and thank God now with my taxi I am going to leave slowly without damaging the vehicle, on this street the situation was terrible, now the change is evident, this project is a blessing, it is the dream of a lifetime”, said Rosales.

The expansion of Calles para el Pueblo in the second semester will allow the execution of 38 additional projects, which means that the demands of 100 neighborhoods will be met, of these in District V the beneficiaries were: René Polanco, United Nations, Adolfo Reyes, May 18 and Las Jagüitas.

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