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Union workers hold a meeting in commemoration of the National Holidays

Union leaders from the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, participated this Wednesday, September 7, in the discussion about the National War of 1856 and the present, as well as the exhibition of historical murals.

This discussion was led by comrade Clemente Guido, Director of Municipal Historical Heritage, who stated that this exhibition is to share many new elements about the history of the War of 1856, "the ideology of William Walker who was a slaver who came to Central America with very firm purposes of converting the 5 Central American States into slave states to strengthen slavery in the United States of this time, the historical lesson that Walker left us is that Nicaraguans have to be united against the expansionist pretensions of foreign powers " .

He also added that history does not repeat itself, but it is presented with some very similar modalities between the past and the present.

For his part, comrade Róger Cajina, Secretary General of the National Union of Employees (UNE-FNT) of the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua, expressed the importance of this discussion, "in short, the enemy remains the same and as the The enemy remains the same, we should worry a little more about strengthening our organization, with greater unity, greater cohesion, to defend our sovereignty, this independence and to defend the homeland, as our General Sandino very well said, while they find men and women who love this people and this homeland, we will never allow imperialism to invade Nicaragua again”.

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