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Solidarity Housing guarantees a good life for a family in the Hialeah neighborhood

Trusting in God and in the Good Government made the dream of Mrs. Claudia Rebeca Argueta Martínez and her family a reality today, the municipal authorities handed her the keys to her new solidarity house, located on IV Stage of the Hialeah neighborhood, in District I, which was built through the Decent Housing Program.

Doña Claudia, 35 years old, shared with the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, her happiness at having her completely new home in a few days and thanked the authorities for assisting her immediately, after two adjoining walls caused her home to collapse. falling on top of them.

“First I thank God and then the government because he gave me this little house, my house was made of zinc, it was a miniskirt, but the wall of the other houses fell on my house two months ago, the water from the other house got into it And now, thank God, I am safer,” said the protagonist.

Likewise, she announced that she will live in this house with her two children more peacefully, because the Mayor's Office of Managua also built the walls for them in the back of their land.

The mayor of the capital highlighted that on behalf of the Sandinista Good Government he is carrying out the inauguration ceremony of this house, which is number 69 delivered in this community to the same number of families.

He shared that in recent years, the Hialeah neighborhood and its stages have made a lot of progress, with drainage and street works, "before they were tremendous dusty fields, incredible mudflats, but now thanks to the Good Government of Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario, Hialeah has many paved streets and most of them are made of hydraulic concrete”.

He stated that currently in the Hialeah neighborhood an asphalt coating project and drainage works are being developed in 3.4 blocks of streets, with an investment amount of 5 million córdobas.

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