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Students participate in a discussion about the National War of 1956

On Monday, September 5, the Historical Heritage Department of the Municipality held a discussion with students from the Escuela Normal de Managua Alesio Blandón, about the National War of 1856 and the present, as part of the commemorative activities of the national month.

During the meeting led by comrade Clemente Guido, Director of Municipal Historical Heritage, he explained that the National War of 1856 was a fight in defense of national sovereignty and against William Walker and his ideology that was the "Doctrine of Regeneration". Central American, which was fundamentally based on the reestablishment of slavery throughout the Central American region.

He also added the importance of knowing about history, especially young people who are preparing and others who are already teaching in primary schools; that is to say, this conference becomes a tool for these future teachers and knowledge multipliers.

The topics discussed were the ideology of William Walker, why should William Walker be banished from the Central American region? and the reasons that brought William Walker to Nicaragua.

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