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Agro-environmental Fair with producers from the San Isidro Libertador region

In celebration of the National Peasant's Day and within the framework of the National Plan for the Creative Economy, the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua held an Agro-environmental Fair with protagonists from the San Isidro Libertador region of District I.

The activity, which aims to promote the sustainability of the productive areas of Managua, was chaired by the Mayor Reyna Rueda, who presented an environmental incentive to the producers of this area, which consists of vegetable seeds to improve the diversification of their production in the next harvest.

"We work with 99 producers and this is part of the concern of our Good Government to create conditions for the brothers of the regions to take out their products, today we see here in the Fair Park the different spaces where our producers have taken advantage of to exhibit and sell at good prices,” said Rueda.

This activity was coordinated by the Department of Environment and Urbanism of the Municipality, an initiative that promotes the care and protection of mother earth, as well as adaptation to climate change, through the non-use of agrochemicals, the proper management of solid waste and the consumption of organic products.

For the fair, the commune conditioned a space in the sector of terrace number 2, for the more than 50 protagonists who offered their products.

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