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Families from the Casas para el Pueblo neighborhood celebrate the asphalt coating of their streets

The families of the Casas para el Pueblo neighborhood of District II are very happy and grateful for the new road project carried out by the Capital Commune in this area and with which more than 80 percent of its streets have been improved.

“With much affection, with much love, we dedicate this delivery of these 160 ml of streets, which are equivalent to approximately 2 and a half blocks, of which we feel very proud and we also feel very honored to be working with the families of this sector,” said the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

This new road network, which is part of the Calles para el Pueblo Program, improves the quality of life of this community and both vehicular and pedestrian circulation, thanks to an investment of more than 578,000 cordobas, directly benefiting 520 inhabitants.

The municipal official highlighted that, in this Houses for the People neighborhood, the Good Government has also developed different drainage works, road improvements, as well as the construction of platforms and curbs.

“Today we are partying at the Casas para el Pueblo, because at last we have 3 streets paved that we had had for a long time pure dust, these streets have only been possible with the Good Government, with Commander Daniel and the Sandinista Front, today already It became a reality, we are celebrating this inauguration that is possible and is part of the restitution of rights, one more work of the Managua Mayor's Office, of this Government and we are happy, content, "said the beneficiary Mercedes Sandoval.

Don José Leopoldo Rodríguez, is another inhabitant of this neighborhood who expressed being happy with the work, "these streets were pure mud and look now, it is a government that cares about the poor in every corner, in the alleys and that is what wonderful".

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