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Conference of the National War of 1956 and the present 2022

As part of the commemorative activities of the Patriotic Month and in salute to September 2, 1927, the date on which the Army for the Defense of National Sovereignty was founded, the Mayor's Office of Managua, through the Department of Historical Heritage, held a conference on the National War of 1856 and the present 2022, in addition to an exhibition of historical murals.

The keynote address was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who stressed the importance of learning about the events in the history of Nicaragua, "as has been the interference for decades by North Americans in Central America and specifically in our country, each time we are going to meet depth, mainly in these days of national holidays, on this September 14 and 15 ".

The National War of 1856, was a fight in defense of national sovereignty and against William Walker and his ideology that was the Central American "Doctrine of Regeneration", fundamentally based on the reestablishment of slavery in all of Central America.

This conference was given by the historian Clemente Guido Martínez, to officers of the Nicaraguan Army and community leaders of District IV.

“More than a conference, a conversation with fellow leaders from the neighborhoods of Managua, political leaders from this district, committed to Nicaragua, we are showing them 2 murals made by Rolando Bojorge on the Battle of San Jacinto and the National War, on the Independence of Central America, but the idea of coming here is that we delve into the facts, so that we are clear that the National War was not between some filibusters and some Nicaraguans, but rather belonged to an international context, where the South of the United States wanted to dominate Central America to unite the slave causes of North America”.

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