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Merchants of the capital markets plan to sell 180 million córdobas in the Patriotic Month

The markets of the capital are offering families excellent promotions in everything that is uniforms, folk costumes, shoes and summer clothes, for the celebrations of the Patriotic Month, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during a tour of the market Mayoreo, one of the largest in the country, which has an area of 18 blocks.

“We are in one of the largest markets in the country and in Central America, this shopping center receives 10,000 visitors daily and generates 7,500 jobs and in the 14 sectors that this market has, there are excellent promotions for us to celebrate together as a family. the national holidays, the parades and since we will be on vacation on those days, we will also be able to go to the beach”, informed Armas.

He also explained that the merchants organized themselves in time to stock up and coordinated with the indicated institutions to guarantee security in the 8 markets of Managua.

For this season of the year, merchants have sales projections of between 180 and 200 million córdobas, as reported by the President of the Nicaraguan Merchants Association, Jorge González.

“We are in the first days of our national celebrations and the demand for everything related to the parades of the 14th and 15th has been very good, we believe that with this model that our Government promotes and the work that we have been doing in coordination with the institutions, we are going to exceed last year's sales, we calculate that we are going to sell between 180 and 200 million córdobas, because we already have the necessary conditions for this economic dynamism, the markets that are living shopping centers, where the customer can get good prices " Gonzalez highlighted.

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