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Tribute to Heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto

Starting the commemorations of the National Holidays, the community made a tribute by placing offerings, to pay honor and glory to the Heroes and Martyrs of the Battle of the San Jacinto Hacienda, in which a group of patriots defended national sovereignty before the invader in the year 1856.

The tribute was held in the San Pedro pantheon, where Heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto are buried, such as Captain Andrés Zamora, General Francisco de Dios Avilés, who was the chief of the Matagalpa Flecheros Indians squad and the General Florencio Xatruch of Honduran origin, but who had a great participation in the Battle of San Jacinto.

This ceremony was attended by comrade Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Capital Council, who expressed that with this tribute to national heroes, the patriotic festivities begin, "as the Mayor's Office of Managua, we are receiving this patriotic month and honoring the memory and historical legacy of all our National Heroes, of all the men and women who had an active participation in that historic fight for us it is one more commitment that we carry in our hearts, we invite families to be part of these celebrations”.

For his part, comrade Clemente Guido, Director of Municipal Historical Heritage, reported that in the battle of San Jacinto there was a confluence of people from different regions of Nicaragua, therefore, it can be considered that it was a moment of national unity, compared to the filibusters, who were overthrown by courage, love for Nicaragua and the decision to defend sovereignty and freedom, because the fight against William Walker was a fight against slavery.”

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