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Streets for the people benefit the inhabitants of the Las Jagüitas region

At the beginning of the national holiday month, the inhabitants of the Las Agüitas region celebrate the arrival of the streets for the people program in their community, which began with the asphalt coating of 7 new blocks of streets, the road improvement project it has an investment of 3 million 248 thousand 766 córdobas and directly benefits 3 thousand 606 protagonists

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during a tour of the area, shared with the protagonists that the Calles para el Pueblo Program will meet the demand of 100 neighborhoods this year.

“Las Jagüitas of District V, a very beautiful historical area that is growing every time, more thanks to all those projects that the government of Comandante Daniel and Compañera Rosario has been developing, people here are very happy because we are building 7 new blocks through Calles para el Pueblo, with these streets the program achieves an advance of 89.61 percent, this year we are going to build 976 new blocks”, affirmed Armas.

He also pointed out that in District V the program will build more streets in the René Polanco, United Nations, Adolfo Reyes, 18 de Mayo and Las Jagüitas neighborhoods. At the same time, he invited the community to guarantee the electoral victory on November 6, which guarantees the continuity of this program and all the projects carried out by the Good Government.

"This region has received many projects from the government, from 2012 to 2021 21 million cordobas have been invested here and in the rest of District V 34 million more córdobas are being invested in 20 projects," added Armas.

Isabel Rivas, an inhabitant of the region, assures that these new streets come to change the lives of the 515 families that live in this area.

“We are happy for the arrival of this project, because these streets come to change us and improve the lives of all of us, since the businesses that people carry out now are going to increase, here people plant and sell their harvest, all the sales that are being supplied and that was impossible before because the streets were disrupted by the strong currents that prevented us from circulating after the rain and this dream come true thanks to our Good Government”, stressed Rivas.

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