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Barrio Hilario Sánchez has 100 percent of its streets improved

Once again the Sandinista Government complies with the demands of Nicaraguan families, on the afternoon of August 31, the municipal authorities together with the inhabitants of the Hilario Sánchez neighborhood of District IV of Managua, celebrated the inauguration of a new road improvement project for 4 blocks of streets through asphalt coating, a work that allows this community to have 100 percent of its streets built.

“It is a great advance and it was something that the families had wanted for many years and that thanks to this emblematic program of Calles para el Pueblo we have managed to enter each of the corners of our Managua neighborhoods and together with the families we have worked hand in hand so that we can comply,” said the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who cut the inaugural ribbon for this work.

The new streets have an investment amount of 1 million 600 thousand córdobas and benefit more than 1 thousand 215 families in this sector to have safe and passable accesses for vehicular and pedestrian circulation, a new road network that also connects with the streets of the Las Torres and Pedro Joaquín Chamorro neighborhoods.

Porras explained that the Municipality has made different efforts in the Hilario Sánchez neighborhood in storm drainage, recarpeted streets, platforms and curbs, with a significant investment of 15 million córdobas, in addition to the construction of 37 solidarity homes for the same number of families and at a level of District IV, with the Annual Investment Plan (PIA), throughout this year 11 different projects have been executed.

Doña Mercedes Luna is a resident of this neighborhood and said that she is satisfied with this work that allows her to move around with her little girl who has a disability and remains in a wheelchair, "what they did is good, it is a help for everyone, here it was flooded , it was filled with mud and the vehicles could not pass, now the street is good, at least here I walk calmly with the girl, without problems, without holes, or stones”.

Likewise, the resident Carla Icabalceta, gave words of thanks on behalf of all the inhabitants of the neighborhood, "I thank God first, then my President and the First Lady for such a beautiful gift of building our streets and seeing them beautiful and prosperous. , this is a dream that my mother longed for to see her streets made up without mud, without puddles and I feel proud, thank you and that we continue with more progress”.

Streets for the People 2022 currently has an advance of 89%, with 836 blocks improved, of the 976 projected to be executed this year, through the Special Plan.

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