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Iván Montenegro Market with great discounts and promotions in the national month

The Iván Montenegro market is ready to welcome the families of the capital in this national month, where they will have fabulous discounts and promotions within reach of their pockets, as reported by the municipal authorities and the merchants of this shopping center, on the morning of this Friday 26 of August.

The Secretary of the Council of Managua, compañera Jennifer Porras López, during this tour verified the supply of all the products and invited the families to visit the markets of the capital.

“Accompanying the colleagues from the market associations to evaluate the issues of safety, cleanliness, follow up on all the programs and works that are carried out in all the markets of Managua, guaranteeing decent conditions for buyers and merchants, also promoting all the offers we have for the national month”, highlighted Porras.

For their part, the merchants shared that they have all the clothing available for these dates, "we have typical costumes for preschool children that are 285 cordobas, for older children 310 and for adolescents 365 cordobas, bands of 90, 100 and 150 córdobas, to fix girls there are braids at 85, sets of necklaces at 65, hats at 75 and 95 córdobas, school shirts from 220, pants at 350 córdobas”, reported the merchant Julia Estrada.

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