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Better access roads are executed in the 18 de Mayo neighborhood

A supervision visit was made by the capital authorities this Friday, August 26, in the 18 de Mayo neighborhood of District V, to evaluate the progress of the Calles para el Pueblo Program, which to date reaches 85 percent, with 830 blocks improved, of the 976 projected to attend with the expansion of the Special Plan.

The work consists of road improvement in 5 blocks, with an investment of 2 million 485 thousand córdobas and will benefit 2 thousand 100 families, thus guaranteeing the well-being and future of the population, which will have better access roads.

The tour was led by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed the concern of the Good Government in improving the living conditions of Nicaraguan families, through the execution of projects and programs for the common good.

During the visit, the mayor of the capital explained that in this area, the Municipality has built 37 decent homes and has executed 10 road improvement and storm drainage projects since 2009, with an investment of 30 million 29 thousand 952 córdobas.

"With the joy of sharing with families to live in peace, in social transformations through these projects promoted by our Good Government, with the model of direct attention to the population," said Rueda.

Similarly, he recalled the efforts made by the Sandinista Government in this sector, to evacuate and transfer 300 families who lived in a critical point and in vulnerable conditions to a safe place.

For their part, the protagonists expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with this new work of progress; This was expressed by Mrs. Leonarda Medrano, a founding inhabitant of the 18 de Mayo neighborhood, who said that "10 years ago this neighborhood had the streets in very poor condition and impassable."

“We are happy with the work that our Good Government is doing, because before it was disastrous, we are no longer going to have those swamps, we are going to have better circulation for vehicles and emergencies, said Mr. Leopoldo José López.

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