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Coaches receive sports training on doping

Ensuring the good practice of sport in its different disciplines, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, carried out a municipal sports training on doping, for the coaches of the municipal academies.

The training was given by Dr. Julio César Caldera of the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee, with the aim of providing them with all the knowledge on everything related to doping in recent times.

“It is a joint effort of the Nicaraguan Olympic Committee and the Sports Directorate of the Managua Mayor's Office, a seminar on doping, an affectation that is giving sports a lot of problems worldwide and Nicaragua has not been the exception. It is important that these seminars be held and in the Committee we have trained doctors who are going to transmit this knowledge to the athletes, the coaches, the activists and the people who support sports at the municipal level,” said Armas.

For his part, Dr. Caldera stated that training is a valuable effort, "the message aims to reach athletes, youth in general, we believe that the 30 promoters who are here today will serve as facilitators of the message that we are sending , therefore we are saying yes to life, yes to fair play, which represents an ethical attitude of our athletes.

Doping is the intentional or unintentional use by an athlete of a substance or method prohibited by the Sport Prohibited List.

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