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Chess tournament present at the Managua 2022 Youth Games

With the participation of the municipal academies, the Sports Directorate, held a chess tournament on the morning of Sunday, August 21, as part of the Managua 2022 Youth Games.

The competition was held in Blitz 5-minute Finish mode per player over 7 rounds, in the child and youth categories, where around 100 athletes were present. There were also outstanding athletes who have represented in children's and university events, national and international tournaments, and even the chess Olympics, obtaining good results.

"The objective of this tournament is to promote chess, so that it becomes more popular every day, to hold more events, practice sessions and experiences for the students and also to recreate ourselves," said instructor Nahúm Espinoza.

Competitors say that this sport allows them to be entertained and prepare to win any tournament, said participant Mateo Morales.

For fans of this sport, classes are taught from Monday to Friday, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, at the Alexis Argüello sports center.

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