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Special Cleaning Plan in District VII neighborhoods

This August 20 and 21, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua held a cleaning and awareness day for the elimination of mosquito breeding sites, in the most vulnerable sectors of District VII, as part of the inter-institutional actions promoted by the Good Government to strengthen the fight against dengue and other diseases.

This activity was joined by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who reported that through this plan a cleaning day was carried out in gutters, riverbeds, inlets, vacant lots and illegal dumps; in addition to a day of house-to-house environmental awareness, for owners of stockpiles, vulcanizers and waste collection through the Calache Plan.

"Today we are joining the effort of the Ministry of Health in the house-to-house visit and awareness that depends on each one of us, maintaining our health in optimal conditions, keeping our environment clean, families have the opportunity that if they have devices that they do not use take advantage of Plan Calache and it has been a complete success because the community participates,” said Rueda.

The mayor of the capital shared that work was carried out in 13 neighborhoods of District VII, where 67 critical points (breeding sites or sources of disease) were eradicated; with an operational force of 300 collaborators from the Municipality, as well as the participation of the organized community and colleagues from the Ministry of Health, who carried out a fumigation and abatement campaign.

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