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Capital markets offer discounts to celebrate the National Holidays

The capital's markets are ready and stocked to offer families "National Discounts" on all products used by students for school parades, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas announced during a tour of the Roberto Huembes market.

"We have worked in coordination with the authorities of COMMEMA, the association of merchants to guarantee families important discounts on all the accessories used by our children, our grandchildren, godchildren and nephews in school parades, there is a lot of demand from parents in all the national territory, because they are enlisting their children on the occasion of the national holidays, to take advantage of the discounts and rebates on uniforms, footwear and folkloric costumes,” said Armas.

The Merchants' Association has sales projections of around 40 million córdobas, as explained by Mr. Jorge Luis González Leiva, President of the Nicaraguan Merchants' Association.

“For two months we have been organizing to be ready, we already have guaranteed the supply of traditional products, security and surveillance in all markets is also guaranteed, we are doing it in coordination with the National Police to guarantee citizen security in On the days and times when they visit the markets the most, we invite all the families to come, because only in the markets can they get discounted prices,” concluded González.

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