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Barrio El Perú opens 4 blocks of paved streets

With presentations of folkloric and urban dances, the community of the El Perú neighborhood inaugurated on the afternoon of this Thursday, August 18, the construction of 4 new blocks of streets after 40 years of waiting. The road improvement project was possible thanks to the Calles para el Pueblo program and had an investment of a little more than 1.2 million córdobas and directly benefited 5,524 protagonists.

Jennifer Porras, Secretary of the Managua Council, explained that this project represents an important achievement for the community, since its inhabitants could not access the taxi service and at times of emergencies had to go out on foot.

“We are delivering a restored right to the families of this community, these four paved streets that come to complete this sector that make up the El Perú neighborhood, were the dream of many years, with this project the program reaches 83 percent of progress, with 810 blocks served”, reported Porras.

He also shared with the protagonists that this year the Municipality invested more than 50 million córdobas in District III in storm drainage, sanitation, housing programs, Streets for the People and social programs, which means a great advance that can be seen in the transformation of the different neighborhoods of the district.

"Here they have managed to build 42 new blocks that are part of the Annual Investment Plan promoted by the Managua Mayor's Office as part of the Calles para el Pueblo program, in which some 27 million córdobas have been invested," added the official from the capital.

Fátima Dávila is one of the founders of the neighborhood and expressed that now she will be able to enjoy new services that she could not before.

“I have lived in this neighborhood for 43 years, blessed God they remembered us and built our streets for us, this used to be mountains and land, but thanks to President Daniel Ortega progress came to the neighborhood, now the garbage truck can enter before, you didn't go in, you had to go out with the garbage bag until two blocks away and if it's the taxis, they didn't take you home because you couldn't get in and if an old man got sick you had to take him out, thanks to our Good Government that was in the past”.

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