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Eleven improved blocks for the residents of Memorial Sandino in District I

Through asphalt coating, 11 blocks of streets were inaugurated in the Sandino Memorial neighborhood of District I, this Wednesday, August 17, a work that had an investment of 9 million 454 thousand 337.60 córdobas and is part of the emblematic Calles Para el Pueblo 2022 Program.

“This neighborhood has changed radically, here not only have millions of dollars been invested in roads, drainage, sanitary works, but also 60 decent homes have been delivered, now they not only have new houses, but new streets in quantity, that only it is done with the support of the people to the Government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario”, affirmed the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, during the delivery of the work.

The work of the common good for the families of this point of the capital directly benefits 9 thousand 912 inhabitants, divided into 1 thousand 982 families, which in addition to contributing to improving their living conditions, guarantees a passable and accessible road network.

"Here these streets were pure stones, not even cars passed to drop off a sick person, now they are good with the works that Commander Daniel and Rosario Murillo do, so that one can live more peacefully," said Mr. Heriberto Araica Zamora gratefully.

In the same way, the protagonist Milton Mairena expressed, "it cost us a lot to fill these streets with concrete waste, thank God what we expected has been achieved, very grateful because we already have new streets."

To date, the Calles Para el Pueblo 2022 program has progressed 83.06 percent, with a total of 810.66 blocks completed of those projected for this year.

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