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Mother of the Third Age happily receives the most desired gift of her life

Changing the lives of the people of the capital who live in conditions of vulnerability, yet another family benefited from the construction of a new house, through the Solidarity Housing Program, executed by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, in the Omar Torrijos neighborhood, located in District III of the Capital.

It is about the protagonist Martha de los Ángeles Quintero, a mother of the Third Age, who together with her family spent 38 years in critical conditions during the winter season in a small zinc and wood house.

"There is a Holy God, happy, very happy and thanks to the government for this, which is a dream come true, my house was poor, but with a lot of love, I never lost hope that a hand was going to do something, today it came true for me" said Quintero, very excited.

The opening ceremony and delivery of the keys was attended by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who shared that Mrs. Martha dedicated part of her life to social work as a nursing assistant and never had the resources to improve her home.

“Thanks to God and our Good Government, we are developing this emblematic program aimed at all those families with limited resources and that comes to solve the needs that have happened for many years and that only this government, through the Town Hall is possible. restore that right,” said Porras.

The capital official reported that the Solidarity Housing Program from 2013 to date has built a total of 34 homes in this District III and only in the Omar Torrijos neighborhood have 8 new homes been delivered, including today's.

The Omar Torrijos neighborhood has 1,647 inhabitants distributed in 347 families and in this 2022 the Municipality has carried out various projects that exceed an investment of more than 7 million córdobas, in road improvement works, storm drainage and construction of curbs.

For this year, with the 2022 Annual Investment Plan, the Commune will carry out 4 major works and 15 minor works in this district, with an investment of 30 million córdobas, for the execution of road and storm drainage projects.

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