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Presentation of the first methodological book for teaching dance

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua in the promotion of art and culture held this Friday, August 12, the presentation of the Book "Vaganova Methodology for the teaching of Classical Ballet", the work of teacher Elvin Vanegas, who has compiled different study materials on classical ballet, in order to strengthen the pedagogical knowledge of teachers for the training of children, youth and adults.

The presentation was attended by the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López, the General Director of the National Theater Rubén Darío, Ramón Rodríguez, teacher Mercedes Grijalva of the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture and special guests.

"From the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power, we want to congratulate the teacher with much affection, we who have seen him in all his facets, accompanying us, educating children, this recognition of that effort that he has embodied in this great book and with that we are going to to continue doing Homeland, because from that love of dance it represents for our government those public policies that become social, cultural programs, to form new seedbeds,” said Porras.

Master Vanegas shared that this study material is based on years of research, experience as a teacher, ballet trainer in the professional and amateur area.

“Eight years of research, indirectly my students with whom I have shared my knowledge have created it, where I have acquired the experience for teaching ballet, it is aimed not only at classical ballet dancers, but also at contemporary ones, at folklore groups and professionals, emerging groups, municipal schools and even rhythmic dance teachers, at the same time very grateful to the Mayor of Managua, the Nicaraguan Institute of Culture and of course the Good Government, because since the 1980s they have believed in me”, added Vanegas.

For maestro Ramón Rodríguez, this book contributes so that all ballet academies can have a material that serves precisely to raise the artistic level, "very happy that our friend Elvin Vanegas brings to light this book of the Vaganova methodology on the ballet, if we want to reaffirm that Nicaragua has been growing since the 1980s, when the ballet project began, we believe that the methodological and pedagogical part of teaching is important.”

One of the main objectives of the work is to promote and reinforce the classical technique, to obtain a solid training in the training of dancers, in their dance training, through the application of the methodology with scientific and technical knowledge, to train the development of the correct and artistic posture of the body, the coordination and elegance of the path of the movements, the understanding of the movement, the musicality and the development of the physical demand of the musculature and the bone system.

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