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Families from the Adolfo Reyes neighborhood inaugurate street lining

With a waste of joy and culture, the inhabitants of the Adolfo Reyes neighborhood inaugurated 6 new blocks, which were paved by the Calles para el Pueblo Program in its special plan. The new road work has an investment of 2 million 633 thousand 885 córdobas and benefits 2 thousand 868 inhabitants.

The Municipality carried out the road improvement project to solve the problems faced by the population every time winter came. When delivering the work to the community of the neighborhood, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado confirmed that with the construction of these streets, the neighborhood reaches 80 percent of its lining.

"We continue to restore rights and guarantee well-being to families, improving access and road circulation conditions, these streets were in their natural state for more than 40 years, it was the main demand of 410 families who live in this sector and today we gave them an answer , we are full of stories in each of the neighborhoods we have seen how they are being transformed thanks to the effort made by our Government so that families travel safely, "said Rueda.

He also explained that the new paved streets can be used as an alternate route to reach the 1,000-meter traffic lights and directly benefit all the families who have their children at the Japan-Nicaragua school, since they have to travel through them to attend To classes.

Doña Ana Virginia Rodríguez is one of the founders of the Adolfo Reyes neighborhood and has lived with her family for 50 years.

“Before it was horrible, just ditches of mud and water, puddles, and now not, now we are going to traffic well, without muddying our little shoes, I like it, I am happy and content because these streets are here thanks to my President Daniel because he was able to do it do. I am very proud to be in my community celebrating the triumph of the People President”, added the beneficiary.

At the end of the first fortnight of August, Calles para el Pueblo achieved 80 percent progress, with 782 blocks served.

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