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The Festival of National Discounts begins in the eight markets of Managua

On the eve of the celebration of the national holidays, the authorities of the Capital District, in coordination with the Managua Market Association, announced that the eight popular shopping centers are ready with the National Discount Festival, so that families can purchase the uniforms schoolchildren at solidarity prices.

Freddy Casco, General Manager of the Municipal Market Corporation of Managua (COMMEMA), visited the Oriental market this Friday, August 12, and confirmed that new merchandise is offered in the sections, for this national season, in addition to price stability, to boost the country's economy.

“We as COMMEMA make it easier for promotions to be permanent in all markets and for merchants to give good prices, so that families can save and buy good, beautiful, cheap, quality items, in addition to the fact that in the markets we have good attention to the population”, shared Casco.

During the tour, the municipal official stated that the National Police permanently guarantees security in all markets, to prevent crime and that families can buy with confidence, without incident.

For their part, the merchants shared that they have great expectations of sales in these national holidays, "everything school is already in the sections, we believe that it will be a quite good projection, of about 20 million córdobas, because there is everything that It moves our Nicaragua to be able to celebrate the national holidays with the family, in peace and tranquility,” said comrade Jorge González, President of the Merchants Associations of the Managua Markets.

The merchant Milena Ñamendi, offers quality national merchandise at affordable prices, Sincatex youth school pants are 190 córdobas and 225 for adults; skirts start at 185 córdobas and long-sleeved shirts, prices vary according to size at 135, 145 and 165 córdobas.

From Varieties Muñoz, Johana Sánchez offers a dozen camisoles in polyester and cotton, at 360 and 480 cordobas respectively.

The Manager of COMMEMA also announced that the Municipality for this year plans to invest around 40 million córdobas in the Eastern market for works, currently the construction of a 400 ml gutter is in process and for the next year 2023, It will continue with the construction of 600 more meters of this gutter, which will solve the pluvial drainage problems in the area, it is also working on patching and street signs, for a fluid vehicular and pedestrian circulation in this shopping center.

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