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153 anniversary of the passage to immortality of General José Dolores Estrada

This August 12, the Mayor's Office of Managua and members of the Superior Center for Military Studies (CSEM) paid tribute to the memory of General José Dolores Estrada, on the 153rd anniversary of his passage to immortality.

During the ceremony, the municipal authorities, guests from the Higher Studies Center and a delegation from the Ministry of Education (MINED), placed a floral offering at the monument erected in honor of General Estrada, located on the Tiscapa Overpass, the floral offering was adorned with the music of the Municipal Band that performed military marches in honor of this great Nicaraguan hero.

Clemente Guido, Director of Historical Heritage, during the act highlighted the courage and heroism of General Estrada, who was appointed Division General by the Nicaraguan Army in 1870, a year after his death due to his military victory in the Battle of San Jacinto and for his loyalty to the Nicaraguan Constitution faced in a coup against the then President Fernando Guzmán.

“The heroism of General Estrada transcended the Battle of San Jacinto in his later life until his death, because on the day he died on August 12, 1869, the General was as Chief of the Nicaraguan Army, appointed by the constitutional President of that moment. Fernando Guzmán”, explained Guido.

His heroic deeds are recorded in history and will serve as an example to all future generations, for being a National Hero who defended the honor and sovereignty of Nicaragua with conviction.

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