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Road works bring progress to families in the Domitila Lugo neighborhood

Five new streets are added to the road network of the capital, the families of the Domitila Lugo neighborhood of District IV are the protagonists of this project, which covered 2 streets that were previously unpaved and another 3 that were resurfaced with asphalt mixture, benefiting from directly to 6 thousand 189 people, from 1 thousand 305 families.

This development project was delivered by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, thus fulfilling a demand expressed by the families of this sector in the citizen consultations and that today, August 11, they celebrate with folkloric dances, face-painting clown shows and piñatas, this work that guarantees quality of life with decent streets, without stones, holes, puddles, or dust.

To carry out this work, which is part of the Calles para el Pueblo Program, the capital's Commune had to invest 1,300,000 cordobas.

“Only here in the Domitila Lugo neighborhood of District IV, from 2010 to date, the Government of Commander Daniel and the Vice President has invested 72 million 600 thousand córdobas in storm drainage, sewage, water projects, of course in Streets for El Pueblo, have been very important works for coastal neighborhoods such as Domitila, where 33 homes have also been delivered to families who previously suffered in winters and summers, because they were in difficult living conditions and now they are safe and calm " Arms stated.

Likewise, the municipal official explained that in the last 13 years, this emblematic program has built 8,500 blocks and another 4,500 streets have been rebuilt throughout the municipality and for this year, the Commune plans to work on 1,168 blocks of streets, through the expanded special plan that previously had 833 blocks as its initial goal; With this plan, to date, an 80.14 percent progress has been achieved, with 782.16 improved blocks.

The families were happy with these new streets that they had waited for more than 40 years, as expressed by the resident María Elena Sarria, "I feel very happy with these new streets, before they were very deteriorated, just a hole, we had no light, it was horrible , I have lived here since I was a little girl and now I am surprised to see how beautiful my neighborhood is”.

Don Víctor Rodríguez is another resident of Domitila and expressed his satisfaction with the work that restores his rights to live with dignity, "this is an example of the effort made by the Government for the well-being of the community."

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