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Managuas fires Minguito in a big way

On the afternoon of this August 09, on the eve of the return of Santo Domingo de Guzmán to Las Sierritas de Managuas, the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado and the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, together with the devotees of the venerated image, participated in the activities that traditionally take place They organize to fire the Patron of the Managuas.

The agenda began with the bullfight in the San José Oriental neighborhood, organized by the Committee of the Big Ass Cows, where hundreds of people from the capital gathered to enjoy a bullfighting afternoon and a joyful party to the sound of musical groups.

At the end of the hubbub in the Eastern neighborhoods of Managua, the Chávez family once again opened the doors of their house to share with the community of the San Judas neighborhood, in the distribution of food, this time there were more than 1,500 nacatamales and the traditional chicha de las 7 quebradas, following the legacy of Lisímaco Chávez.

To close this night of celebration and harmony in the capital, the municipal authorities visited the traditional 'Palo Lucio' in Don Chema Pelón's house, where they shared with hundreds of families who came to celebrate in peace and great joy with philharmonic bands, such as It is the tradition of the Managuas.

"Not only we Managuans enjoy these traditional festivities in peace and harmony, we all Nicaraguans enjoy them, who were thousands of promisers who were present in the activities that we prepared for them," said Mayor Rueda.

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