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Streets for the People are built in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood

At the beginning of the week, the residents of the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood benefited from the Calles para el pueblo program with the construction of 10.5 new blocks, which will be covered with asphalt. The work has an investment of a little more than 4 million córdobas and benefits 16 thousand 337 protagonists.

Mayor Reyna Rueda, during a work supervision tour, reported that this neighborhood is one of the largest in District I, it has 9 thousand 147 homes and from 2010 to date the Municipality has been working consecutively without interruptions, to respond to the main demands of the population and to eliminate the vulnerability of the neighbourhood.

“Today we are attending to a demand that had been going on for years in this sector of the neighborhood, we responsibly before building the streets, we had to carry out drainage works before building the streets, the project is making good progress, there are a little more than 10 blocks and with this project there are already 67 blocks that we have covered in the neighborhood”, explained Rueda.

The capital official stressed that the Good Government in recent years has invested more than 44 million in this community, prioritizing the road network, storm and sanitary drainage plus the construction of 72 decent homes.

Mr. Róger Avilés has lived in the neighborhood for 41 years, he and his neighbors are happy because the harshness of winter will now only be in their memories.

“All of us who live on this street are happy, because we are no longer going to have the trouble of before when it rained, the current is no longer going to get into the houses, the puddles and mudflats are no longer going to affect our elderly the block, because every time the streets got ugly, the old people didn't go out for fear of falling, with these streets our Good Government gave us back the happiness of living in peace, that tranquility that beautiful streets give us, only Commander Daniel could do,” added Avilés.

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