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Families participate in traditional tour of Santo Domingo de Abajo

Residents of Managua and the municipality of Ciudad Sandino carried out the traditional procession of Santo Domingo de Abajo that runs from the San Andrés de la Palanca region to the Cristo del Rosario neighborhood.

This popular festivity was held this Sunday, August 7, with the participation of promisers and devotees who danced to the rhythm of philharmonic music and fulfilled the favors received by Minguito.

During the journey of the procession, precisely on the "León" bridge, the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayordoma of the Traditional Festivities of the People of Managua, was present together with the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and the municipal authorities of Ciudad Sandino, where they shared with the families and traditionalists.

Mayor Rueda reiterated once again the commitment of the Good Government to promote and rescue the traditions of the people of Managua.

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