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Solidarity Housing changes family life in the Georgino Andrade neighborhood

Doña Bertha Adilia Gutiérrez lives with her family in the Georgino Andrade neighborhood and for 35 years they lived in a situation of extreme vulnerability, now this family are the new protagonists of the Decent Housing Program, which came to give them an immediate response by building for them a present full of emotional stability and a new home.

Gutiérrez is a father and a mother, he works as a home helper and for years he dreamed of being able to build a house for his children.

Upon handing over the new home, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado confirmed once again the unwavering commitment of the Good Government to transform and dignify the lives of these families.

“We continue and will continue to work on cases like this, seeing how the faces of our protagonists are filled with happiness, with emotion, is something that is priceless and this radical change is possible thanks to the political will of our Good Government, which Commander Daniel and our Vice President Compañera Rosario wisely direct all the projects and programs that we have been carrying out, restore rights and bring well-being to families. Every day we see those blessings and transformations in our people.”

For many years, Doña Bertha lived in a humble house made with pieces of wood and zinc. There she raised her children, afraid every winter, due to the heavy rains and winds that could destroy her home, today for the protagonist those moments of anguish are in the past.

“I feel very happy because before, every time winter came, it flooded me. My house was very bad and that made the water from outside and from the roof get into me. I thank President Daniel and Mayor Reyna who came here to deliver it to me. Just as I now have a nice house, I hope that they help other people who are the same or worse than me to build their little house,” said the protagonist Gutiérrez.

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